“We’ve always been committed to historic preservation and have special empathy for our clients who share our love of older homes, especially as we live in an area so rich in history.” Diakon, herself, is proud to be a long term board member of Monmouth County Historical Association.

Marketing an older property requires special care as does working with buyers who want a historic home. Familiarity with design, in addition to construction and environmental concerns are some of the key factors in purchasing historic homes. Others include relationships with engineers, contractors and the many specialists who will often play a role in the transaction.

Both Diakon and McCormack live in distinctive older homes. Diakon a veteran rescuer of older homes, currently in an old farmhouse overlooking the Navesink river and McCormack chose a 1930's bungalow of the arts and crafts style overlooking Sandy Hook.

Both will admit that it is a daily labor of love. Yes, they have both seen the "Money Pit"!!