Eamonn Sweeney

Eamonn Sweeney
Sales Associate
141 First Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
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    Eamonn Sweeney carries himself as the hard-working, stand-up Hank Hill character that he is. He's seen the nitty-gritty side of the construction industry, starting at Bayshore Recycling as a scalemaster of a never-ending line of demolished buildings and more for recycling, on very big trucks. From there, he delivered building supplies for Monmouth Building Center, and on through the building trades. He wants to know it all without every being a "know-it-all." He just digs it.

    Ask his swimming-pool clients. He is that masked pool guy who who is perfecting pools with DeFalco Pool & Spa, Fair Haven, NJ. Just ask him about your pool; he's a fountain of aquatic knowledge.
    He's a solid-core door in his business practices, with a finely tuned sense of integrity that matches his family motto: "No Surrender" He's loyal, quick to lend a hand, and proud to be able to carry more than his share of the load. But he'll never crow about it.
    Eamonn has had a fine education; a local guy, with deep roots in the Two River-Bayshore area, which he knows to the degree only discovered by the young and the free, which he is still.

    He's analytical and single-minded in his strategies, knowledgable about how houses become homes, and a fair and honest worker. Eamonn was raised in a historic house, a wedding venue, and a constant work-in-progress, a building site except during festivities. There's not much he cannot tell you about the care and upkeep of old houses. His home averaged 2000 guests per annum.

    There isn't much Eamonn cannot do, but there are a lot of things he won't do, as he wouldn't want them done to him. This is how he walks the talk. Talk with Eamonn about your goals, and you will find a willing, capable and talented teammate who will never let you down. That's just how he's hard-wired.

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