John Geisler

John Geisler
Sales Associate
141 First Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
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    Hello, my name is John Geisler. I view real estate as a tool with a purpose. Everyone has unique values, needs and desires. In the past, as Chief Estimator for a building company, I worked closely with real estate professionals. I enjoyed the bigger picture service to the client and became a Real Estate Sales Agent myself. The uniqueness of property and its use has always been my focus. Finding or creating your dream is the plan that I navigate.

    In addition to being a real estate professional, I’m an avid boater. Whether I’m fishing or sailing, it’s a lifelong journey to become the best Captain that I can be. It's similar to what I do every day with clients: organizing the process, double checking the requirements, and understanding how to negotiate in the ever-changing market seas.  

    The real estate process starts with your goal. Then we plot a clear course together. We find what works or create something that works better. We weigh the value of each decision and negotiate the way home with the big catch.
    Your home will be unique and so is our plan to find it. Our mission includes both the journey and the destination: to get you there with confidence, certainty and with skill. 

    Call me right now, whether you’re buying or selling… or even with questions about the market. 

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