Mary Ellen Sweeney

Mary Ellen Sweeney
Sales Associate
141 First Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
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    After more than a few years spent in the pursuit of her curiosity, sense of humor, and afflicted by simple shyness, Mary Ellen landed herself the deal of a lifetime when she looked to Real Estate. Seriously, it was almost as an after-thought to a successful and utterly satisfying career in pet book publishing, raising a family, and a very full life. She reassembled herself after "retirement" to follow her fascination with 'the house, the garden, and all the people in it' and here we are---back to the beginning---but now armed to the teeth with confidence, experience, education, intelligence, and a creative, energetic and optimistic approach to all obstacles. That's what it took for her to feel qualified to be the only kind of Realtor that her essential qualities would allow. She is all that now.

    She is a natural networker, narrator, bon vivant, and a true "amiable/expressive personality type", who derives great joy from introducing newcomers to the qualities of life on the Jersey Shore---“There are such strong, vital communities and local history in this fantastic location, that it's easy for people to feel right at home on first meeting. They know they've hit the Jackpot. Given the proximity to NYC, excellent schools, restaurants, theaters, beaches and parks, we locals don't half know how good we have it here! It is a privilege to enable another to have the very best experience when buying or selling a home where I live and most love. The art of enjoying the work of Real Estate is when we know we have done all in our power to be certain that people are going to thrive in their homes rather than just moving boxes and mortgages."

    While MES is grafted to her roots in the New York Tri-State Metro area, she is a "Space Agent" with unparalleled global reach and natural resources. Her Sphere-of-Influence derives the humble fish bowl. Thanks to a childhood fascination with the tidepools of Sea Bright, Mary Ellen's books and articles about aquatic life have brought her eternal alliances across the four corners of the Earth.

    Where would you live? She is a World-Class Concierge, Easy-Offer Enabled, Move-Easy, Globally Referred, 100% Electronic-transacting high-net worth organizing teammate with slightly perfectionistic tendencies who speaks your language as long as there is water. She's especially fond of water gardens.

    In the 60s, you knew her as the eldest child in a 1st-Generation, Irish-American family of 13; later, you would have found her at Riverview Hospital, Monmouth Medical or WRAMC in DC. You may know her, if you ever read about your pets in a TFH pet book or bought a Nylabone.

    Perhaps at some time in the past 25 years, you may met at some event at the Water Witch Clubhouse in Monmouth Hills, where she served as 'protectoress of the house,' through countless public and private events (and the caretaker's lucky wife.) You will not recognize her; this is the new and much improved model.

    She continues the tradition of home and family in her latest abode in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, a very fine harbor village that suits her to a T, and now enjoys taking the village pulse via the Atlantic Highlands Chamber of Commerce, the Beautification Committee, and the AH Garden Club. She is frequently found in the company of two Corgi mutts and a parrot in the garden where she keeps house for her family. You'll know her when you see her. She's a Notary Public.

    She advocates and works for her clients with the same ease, laser focus, spirit and conviction that she employs in every blessed thing. It's all connected: home, family, friends, clients, nature, life, work, harmony and balance.



    I have had a friendship and professional relationship with Mary Ellen Sweeney for more than two decades. During that time, we worked together on several publishing projects, as well as partnering in the development of the Water Witch Club as a profitable wedding venue. In all of our joint endeavors, she has proved to be highly capable, imaginative, and, above all, trustworthy. Mary Ellen is a fine writer, a gifted communicator and a good listener—in other words, a valuable colleague and friend. She is rightfully proud of the many projects she took on and completed during her years as a resident in Monmouth Hills, and I am very interested to see how far her skill and intelligence take her in the business of the real estate.

    Mark Stewart, EDGE Magazine