Loch Arbour

Loch Arbour is a village in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. A small village with a population of around 194 people on the seashore of the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful village also shares its boundary with Deal Lake from its southern side. This village is a small community, which has around 0.141 square miles of land. An amazing village, which is gifted with beaches and Lake view at the same time from nature. After its incorporation in 1957, from Ocean Township.

Location:Loch Arbour is a beachfront area in the eastern region of Monmouth County. Loch Arbour has the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern side, Deal Lake and Asbury Park on its southern side, Interlaken on its western side, and Allenhurst on its northern side. Loch Arbour is among some of the most perfectly located areas of New Jersey, which provide the beauty of both Lake, and beaches. Although Loch Harbour didn’t have any park or recreation area of itself, people of Loch Arbour enjoy parks of Asbury Park and Allen Hurst. Those places include:

  • Loch Arbour Beach
  • Asbury Park Beach
  • Asbury Park Boardwalk
  • Asbury Splash Park



Loch Arbour is a small village, its road network is of 2.04 miles. Traveling in Loch Arbour is very easy and fast, because of its small land area. Neighboring towns of Loch Arbour are in easy access and are under 5 mins drive from Loch Arbour. For air travel people of this village use New York’s International Airport like every other town of Monmouth County. The airport is around an hour and 20 mins drive away from Loch Arbour.


Who lives here:Loch Arbour is a very small village with a population of less than 200. Its people are popular for their loving nature. The Standard of living in Loch Arbour is very high, which can be known as no one in this village lives below the poverty level. People of this village earn per Capita of around $60,575 per year, which is 103% higher than the national average. Numbers showing the economic condition of this area depict how well the standard of living is improved over time for Loch Arbour.

Loch Arbour Real Estate and Luxury Houses For Sale 

Seafront localities of New Monmouth County are always worth higher than others. But the Value of Loch Arbour is valued higher not only because of its seafront but also because of its Lake view of Deal Lake. Houses of this village commonly comprise of 2-3 bedrooms, which are mostly owned by people living in it. Real estate of Loch Arbour is continuously increasing its value because of its increasing demand among real estate investors and people searching for a good place for living in New Jersey.

Loch Arbour School Information:

Students of Loch Arbour are enrolled in West Long Branch Public School, Betty McElmon Elementary School, and Frank Antonides School for Kindergarten to eighth grade. Students of 9th to twelve grade attend Shore regional highschool in West Long Branch.

History of Loch Arbour:

Loch Arbour was incorporated in 1957 as a village from Ocean Township after a referendum. Loch Arbour was named after Lochaber in Scotland. Loch Arbour is the last place in this area to retain its village type of government among 4 municipalities, which were incorporated as Village when separated from townships.

Why consider living in Loch Arbour New Jersey?

  • 0% of the Poverty level
  • 105% higher per capita than the national average
  • Beautiful beach, and Lake view
  • Peaceful, and calm environment            

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