Dream Closets Offer a Tidy Refuge from the Everyday Life

Dream Closets

The March Luxe Trends share from LUXVT include an interesting article written by Mansion Global around the new age of the “Dream Closet.” Our home spaces have evolved and with the ever growing design trends, the goal for that ultimate luxury has evolved to support our needs and wants for the finest things in life and a closet to hold them all!

They write, ” Walk-in closets began trending in the 1990s, and by the new millennium, some closets had expanded to surpass the size of small bedrooms. But the ultimate closet, as we imagine it, is about much more than square footage in which to hang clothing and store footwear.”

The Top 3 areas to focus on to achieve the ultimate in closet organization? They feel you should Focus on your Needs, add some Extra OOMPH and lastly, Coordination is Key!

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