Home Valuation

A marketing plan to sell your home is critically important in order to get top dollar and every good marketer understands the importance of a solid pricing strategy to ensure their marketing plan’s success. This pricing strategy must be based on a solid home valuation, an in-depth understanding of the current market and an awareness of how market trends are ever-shifting.

The true market value of a property is simply what one person is willing to pay and another is willing to accept.

As much as each may want to decide this value, neither buyer nor seller nor their respective agents have sole control over it. Your real estate professional’s responsibility is to provide an accurate assessment of how much you may reasonably expect to receive in the sale of your property.

More art than science, creating an accurate market analysis — a report demonstrating your home’s estimated value in the current market — is the hallmark of a strong real estate professional. It is an important skill requiring ongoing education as the market continues to evolve.

A Comparative Market Analysis — a CMA — incorporates recent sales data of homes similar to yours along with pending transactions and available homes to formulate an understanding of how much a buyer is likely willing to pay for your home. While not an appraisal, this report provides a value range from which a pricing strategy may be created.

This analysis is important to you as a homeowner and should reflect an agent’s deep understanding of the current market. It is vitally important that your agent provide an accurate assessment — to tell you the truth — and provide their honest professional opinion rather than simply telling you what they think you want to hear. The National Association of Realtor’s Code of Ethics requires we do this and all Resources Real Estate’s agents subscribe to this code.

We understand that your home is your asset and can explain not only what you may expect to receive from your sale but also how pricing strategy may impact the transaction in other important ways.

We view the work we do for our clients as a collaborative effort: we each have a role to play. Many factors can influence the perception of your home’s value: market preparation, staging, photography, advertising, access and more. We are prepared to provide you with pre-market guidance, comprehensive marketing, in-depth market analysis and a commitment to producing the desired results to ensure your success.

Please contact us today to schedule your home valuation. There is no charge and no obligation.

We are glad to help.

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