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7 Jobs Around the House to Complete in Spring

If you can feel a hint of warmth in the air, then you'll know Spring is upon us and there are a few tasks around the house that should get done now Winter is over. Spring is a great time to undertake those irritating maintenance jobs tha...

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8 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home can be such an exciting project. There is the thrill of visualizing how your property will look when it's completed and the fun of picking out materials and products to deliver the transformation. However, there are ...

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Five Ways Home Upgrades Will Pay You Back

Spending too much on improving your home is a sin in the real estate game. We call it over-capitalizing, and it means you’ve spent more money on a renovation than you’ll get back in return when the time comes to sell. The most commo...

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