Board of Regents Of Luxury Real Estate

Board of Regents Of Luxury Real Estate


Resources Real Estate is proud to be a member of The Board of Regents, an exclusive network of the world’s most elite luxury real estate professionals. It is the evolution of the Board of Governors, the leadership body that has determined the direction of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate since 1986. 


Companies are invited to join the Board of Regents based on their integrity, commitment to excellence and demonstrated knowledge of the luxury real estate market. Each Regent represents a defined territory, serving as a leading authority in their designated region.

Resources Real Estate is the exclusive member of The Board of Regents for Central New Jersey and has been since 2017. 

In addition to the benefits provided by Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate membership, Regents have access to elite tools and resources to command international business. The digital footprint for Regents is unparalleled, with prime placement for every agent and luxury listing on, as well as The Board of Regents designation provides a pedigree of prestige among leaders in the luxury real estate industry.  

Additionally, the group meets several times every year to discuss international luxury real estate trends and share cutting edge marketing practices that facilitate unparalleled connections with other top luxury brokers worldwide. The owners of Resources Real Estate has been honored to be featured speakers and commentators at these gatherings. 


Cultivating a robust internet presence is a crucial aspect of marketing properties and establishing a strong luxury brand. As a member of the Board of Regents, Resources Real Estate receives prime placement for listings on, along with privileged inclusion on provides Regents with prime placement through the “First Search” feature, which ensures that Regent properties and profiles are listed first when searching on Regents also enjoy privileged inclusion on, further expanding their digital footprint and online reputation.

Resources Real Estate is pleased to offer this global marketing experience for select clients. 


The Board of Regents offers unique opportunities to connect with top luxury real estate professionals in unique markets around the world. Through exclusive meetings and events, Regents create professional relationships that turn into lifelong friendships.

These powerful connections allow Regents to collaborate with one another on a personal level, further increasing their global reach and showcasing their properties on an international scale.

Board of Regents:

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