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Woman in a straw hat sitting on a chair on the beach next to a beach umbrella. When most people think of the beach, they often envision a relaxing scene complete with a beach chair, umbrella and a good book, all while soaking up the sun with plenty of sunscreen on hand. In Monmouth County, beaches are a shore thing.

However, Monmouth County’s beaches offer a wide range of experiences. From bustling boardwalks to secluded stretches of sand, there are myriad of choices.

The classic beach experience along the boardwalk offers a lively vacation- type atmosphere. There are endless entertainment options and food choices. These beaches are desirable for families and groups of friends of mixed ages because there’s something for everyone to do. Some of the most popular boardwalk beaches include Asbury Park, Belmar and Point Pleasant Beach (in nearby Ocean County.) Here, you can enjoy arcade games, amusement park rides, beach volleyball, and an impressive array of great eateries.

Family Style

Sometimes the desire is for a more quiet experience of the shore.

sandy path to the ocean beachIf you’re looking for a family-friendly, more subdued beach experience, you may want to check out Sandy Hook and Long Branch’s Seven Presidents Beach which are perfect for those who prefer a more low-key beach day. With expansive stretches of sand and calm waters, there’s more room for visitors to spread out, offering a relaxing retreat. Likewise, there are many quiet spots as you head south down the shoreline. Tip: parking may be an issue if not a walkable destination and public facilities may not be readily available.

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Surfing NJ

Once the weather event hints of spring, you’ll find surfers of all ages heading toward the beach carrying their boards.

Some prime spots include Manasquan Inlet, popular for surfers of all levels. The waves at Belmar Beach are usually pretty consistent, making it a great spot for beginners to learn how to surf. Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach are other favorites among local surfers with easy access to the beach.

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All Over Tan

Gunnison Beach is a clothing-optional beach located in Sandy Hook within the Gateway National Recreation Area and is known as one of the largest nude beaches on the East Coast.

While permitted, nudity is not required and it is popular among beachgoers of all ages, even families, with many visitors choosing to sunbathe and swim without clothing. The beach is approximately one mile long and is surrounded by dunes and vegetation, providing a secluded and peaceful atmosphere. Photography is not permitted without the explicit consent of the subjects.


Take In the Scenery

If you’re looking for a unique and picturesque beach experience, you may want to visit some of the area’s smaller shore towns.

Places like Avon-by-the-Sea, Ocean Grove, and Spring Lake offer charming Victorian architecture, quaint shops, and beautiful beaches with an old world, small-town vibe. These towns are perfect for a romantic getaway or a relaxing day trip with friends. Monmouth County beaches and beach towns make it a truly special place. 


Fishing From the Shore

There are many ways to catch fish but surfcasting is a favorite pastime of many in Monmouth County.

Sandy Hook is a popular fishing destination, known for striped bass, bluefish, and fluke. The park has several fishing areas, including Horseshoe Cove, Plum Island, and North Beach. Belmar is known as the “Striped Bass Capital of the World” and offers several fishing piers and jetties that provide great opportunities for anglers. Sea Bright Beach is another great spot for surfcasting and fishing for striped bass and bluefish. With its long, narrow jetty that extends into the ocean, it is a great spot for anglers to cast their lines. For a full rundown of all of our favorite beaches by category, please visit our website.

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Club Culture

All along the coast you will find beach clubs – some public, mostly private – which offer amenities ranging from dining facilities to pools to concierge services.

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